Race Team – New

Driver – Jeff Proctor

Born: 10-19-78
Family: Married with 3 kids (11yrs old, 9yrs old and 4yrs old)
Activities: Spending time with family, riding motocross with my son, camping, snow skiing, hiking and watching any type of racing.
Favorite Races: 24 Hours of Daytona, 24hrs of LeMans, Baja 1000, Indy 500, Dakar Rally
Favorite Racecar Drivers: Peter Cunningham, Ryan Eversley and Graham Rahal
Favorite Quote: “Have Passion, inspire action and pursue excellence”

Jeff Proctor grew up surfing in Southern California and like most American kids played traditional stick and ball sports as well. The allure of racing was sparked from his competitive nature, but it wasn’t until starting his first business, an action sports clothing brand in his college dorm room, that Proctor was able to buy his first motocross bike and begin his lifelong journey in off-road racing.

After racing motocross at local tracks throughout California for nearly a decade, Jeff began to learn the inner workings of running a successful off-road racing program. Hungry for knowledge, he volunteered for anything that was needed, from running parts, to relaying communications or driving a chase truck through the night in Baja. Eventually, Jeff worked his way into navigators seat and continued to race two wheels while looking for an opportunity to drive. Jeff’s first opportunity behind the wheel came in 2006 in the Jeepspeed class. Jeff continued racing for several years, eventually evolving to take on the Baja 1000 culminating with a thrilling come from behind Baja 1000 class victory with renowned chassis designer, Craig Hall. The same year, Jeff also piloted his own bike to a BITD season championship in the ultra-competitive +30 Expert Bike class.

After many successes, Jeff set his focus on racing on four wheels. In 2013, Jeff began racing in the Trophylite Spec Class with Coen Racing. The Trophylite class offered an affordable, competitive class on an equal playing field. After finishing 2nd Trophylite at Parker and The Mint 400, Jeff acquired the vehicle and began to apply his business skills and race knowledge to run a successful race team.

Jeff has methodically climbed up the through the off-road ladder system from two wheels to four, from limited vehicles to more advanced vehicles. He has become a student of the sport, constantly seeking to improve his race-craft.

“I spent a lot of years helping in the pits, helping in the race shop, making observations and asking questions. Preparation is fundamental to success and knowledge is key,” stated Jeff.
His approach in systematically acquiring knowledge has prepared him for managing and driving some of the most challenging Off-Road races in the world. Today, Jeff has embarked on his most ambitious chapter of his race career – Partnering with American Honda, HPD-Honda Performance Development and Honda Powersports to create an Off-Road Racing Factory Mega Team. Jeff will not only pilot a custom Honda unlimited Twin Turbo off-road race vehicle but also direct and oversee the team’s entire race operation, including a two car Honda Talon Side by Side team. Jeff will lead his team and Honda to the podium, bringing more high-level race teams to the exciting sport of off-road racing.

2017 BITD Parker 425 / 7200 - 3rd Place
2016 SCORE Baja 1000 / Class 2 - Champion
2016 SCORE Baja 500 / Class 2 - Champion
2015 SCORE Baja 1000 / Class 2 - Champion
2015 BITD Vegas to Reno / Class 6000 - 3rd Place
2015 BITD Silver State 300 / Class 6000 - 3rd Place
2013 BITD Parker 425 / Class 6000 - 2nd Place
2013 BITD General Tire Mint 400 / Class 6000 - 2nd Place
2012 SCORE / BITD 30+ Expert Motorcycle - Champion
2012 SCORE Baja 1000 / Class 4 (“Ecotec” Class 10) - Champion
2010 SCORE Baja 1000 / Class 4 (“Ecotec” Class 10) - Champion

Driver – Patrick Dailey

Born: 11-05-75
Family: Married no kids
Activities: Off roading with friends. Golf. Backpacking.
Favorite Races: Baja 1000, Dakar, Crandon
Favorite Racecar Drivers: Roger Mears, Jack Johnson, Geoff Brabham
Favorite Quote: “Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooyyy!!!”

Patrick grew up in Southern California. Played baseball all the way through high school. Started riding dirt bikes and going to the desert with friends in his early 20’s. In 2006, he purchased a VW Baja Bug and decided to build a Class 5/1600 race car from it.

Started racing in 2008 in Class 5/1600. In 2010, he raced his very first Baja 1000 teaming up with Class Champions Heidi Steele and Rene Brugger in their Class 6 Ford Ranger. Raced multiple Baja 1000’s with them. Won the 2016 Baja 500 in Class 10 with teammate Travis Clarke. Teamed up with Jeff Proctor in the beginning of the 2018 season.


Navigator – Michael Loomis

Born: 09-26-1976
Family: Married with 2 children
Activities: Exploring the planet with his family. Hiking, fishing, riding on 2 wheels, seeking out water falls, watching movies and conquering road courses in $500 cars.
Favorite Races: Any road course, Baja 500, Dakar Rally.
Favorite Racecar Drivers: Robby Gordon
Favorite Quote: “Ask any racer. Any real racer. It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.”

Mike was born into an off road racing family. At just 4 years old, he was in his grandpas garage watching race cars being built, torn down and rebuilt. When his grandfather stepped out of the drivers seat, he fielded an all women’s 5/1600 team eventually upgrading to a 2/1600 team. When the family sold off all the off road stuff at age 12, he was already a seasoned vet of chasing off road cars around the deserts of California, Nevada and Mexico.

Mike got his first chance to co-ride in 1995 in a class 5 unlimited in the Fudpucker series and continued to prep, chase and co-ride in various series and classes ever since. Highlights include, prepping and co-riding with Vic Bruckmann to SCORE (an incredible championship that featured a 14 second victory at the illustrious Baja 500) and MDR overall championships in 1999, CODE overall wins in a 1600 car, many other race wins, including 3 Baja 500 wins, and spending the last decade with the outstanding group of friends that refer to themselves as the Orange Army of Dailey Motorsports prior to partnering up with another amazing squad that is Honda Off Road. Mike brings with him a never quit, never surrender attitude and is always ready for war should adversity strike.


Navigator – Evan Weller

Favorite Races: 
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