Honda Racing Ridgeline Earns Well Deserved Podium At SCORE Baja 500

Honda Racing Ridgeline Earns Well Deserved Podium At SCORE Baja 500

June 7th, 2017
Ensenada, Baja California Mexico

The Honda Racing Ridgeline team overcame several challenges during the 49th SCORE Baja 500 to finish on the podium in third place. Having held the lead on numerous occasions during the race, Baja threw them a few curves during their 18 hour long ordeal that covered over 513 miles. Starting in Ensenada, the course went south along the Pacific Ocean, crossed over the inland mountains, ran through miles of punishing whoops in San Felipe, and returned to Ensenada for the finish. The Baja terrain took a huge toll on the field; 8 trucks started in class 7, only three completed the course. Just getting to the finish is a huge accomplishment, getting another Baja 500 podium made the hard work and sacrifice well worth it.

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Starting back in the pack, the Honda Racing Ridgeline team knew they would have their work cut out for them on race day. After taking the green flag, they settled into a rhythm and maintained a pace that kept the leader in their sites. They took the lead at race mile 145, and after a quick splash of fuel in Colonet, increased their advantage over 2nd place. In Baja, you never know what lies around the next corner. Despite spending days prerunning the course, it’s never the same on race day.

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“We came to a section of the course that was a blind right hand drop into a gully and a steep climb out,” said Jeff Proctor, “By the time we realized that the locals had flooded the course, turning it into a mud pit, it was too late. We were buried up to the chassis in the nastiest Baja soup you could imagine. We flagged down a farmer with a tractor and he pulled us out of the deep mud. Out of the goop, we still had to get through the remaining swamp. Co-driver Evan Weller got out to scout our line but our only chance was to cross a deep rut and bushwhack through some brush to get out. I committed, but slid in the mud, caught the rut, and rolled over and back into the swamp. Thankfully our new tractor friend was still there to roll us back over. After some quick repairs, we got back in the race.”

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Despite having troubles in the mud, they fought their way back to the front going through the rough section of course heading up to Mike’s Sky Ranch. At the planned driver’s change at race mile 250 where Eric and Ross got in, they were back out front with a 20 minute lead!

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The hard work and hours of preparation were really paying off. Their Honda Performance Development twin turbo HR35TT 3.5L V6 engine was propelling them to an impressive victory when fate took a turn for the worse. Just 50 miles from the finish, the alternator failed leaving them in the dark with no power. As soon as the chase crew located them, they made quick repairs and were able to achieve a hard earned 3rd place podium finish.

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“It was heartbreaking, but I am so proud of our team,” Proctor continued, “We made quick repairs and still finished on the podium in 3rd place. Our Honda Racing Ridgeline team battled all day to overcome some of the worst Baja could throw at us. Thanks go out to the entire team for the hard work and quick pit stops that kept us in contention for the win.” The Honda Racing Ridgeline team‘s strong performance at the Baja 500 provides a glimpse of the performance they have on tap. Their next race, Best In The Desert’s General Tire Vegas To Reno presented by FOX, can’t come soon enough. Vegas to Reno is the longest offroad race in the United States. It will give them the opportunity to run wide open on the fast roads found in remote Northern Nevada.

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